Mortgage Lenders Requiring Automated Valuation Model Appraisals (AVMs)

In addition to the increase in the use of AVMs associated with the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), we’re seeing a trend of conforming lenders requiring the submission of an AVM on the subject property.  The lender then uses the AVM to support the valuation, often in lieu of obtaining a full desk review.  If the AVM does not support the stated value, or it does not accompany the application the lender may reject the application.

An AVM is an instant, computer generated residential property valuation report.  In seconds, AVM’s provide detailed data regarding the subject property including an estimate of value at a fraction of the cost of a traditional appraisal. In most cases, this is a cost born by the mortgage broker that cannot be passed to the consumer.  (View a sample AVM report)

It makes sense for mortgage brokers and correspondents to know the AVM valuation the lender will be using prior to submitting the file – especially when considering the delay in obtaining the full appraisal (compliments of HVCC.)  CT provides instant online access to the most often utilized AVM models at minimal costs and without any account set up or monthly minimum fees.

Visit to learn more including setting up your free account or activating AVM access on an existing account.

Consumers needing a fast and accurate value on their, or any property can also access to the same AVM property valuations used by mortgage lenders, appraisers, Realtors® and attorneys nationwide without having to establish an account at


Thomas Conwell

President and founder, Credit Technologies, Inc. Past President/Director National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA.)