Comply+ Fraud Detection Suite

A Total LQI Solution

Comply+ is a turn-key compliance solution covering FCRA/FACTA (Red Flag/Address mis-match), Bank Secrecy Act (Anti-Money laundering) and FNMA Loan Quality (LQI) guidelines. Comply+ includes our best practice solutions to minimize risk and enhance compliance efforts.

Our LQI Comparison Report

At a glance, you will know if there are differences between your original, qualifying credit report and the Refresh report obtained just prior to closing. The side by side comparison view of both credit reports allows for a fast and easy review. The detailed color-coded Comparison Report highlights any changes between the reports and makes the LQI review process easy for your staff.

Experian's Level One Authentication

Costly data entry errors and additional costs for the SSA-89 can be eliminated with the Level One Authentication report. Attached to each credit report, this expanded fraud detection and identification report addresses many of FNMAs requirements. The report validates the applicant’s social security number by matching information provided from the Issued SSNs, Deceased SSNs and the Name, Social and Address databases from Social Security. It also provides a search result from the OFAC alert database.

Automatic Processing & Mailing Of Required Risk Based Pricing Disclosures

We automate the mailing of all FACTA mandated Risk Based Pricing Disclosures to your applicant(s) in compliance with federal regulations. You are issued a Compliance Certificate for your records; proof that Credit Technologies processes all FACTA mailings for your company. In the event of State, Lender or CFPB audit, a complete audit report is available providing all specifics and proof of mailing of every disclosure. 

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