Tenant Screening

Residential Tenant Screening

In most cases, charges associated with tenant screening can be passed on to the applicant as an application fee, reducing, if not eliminating, your costs. Plus standardizing your screening process can help you avoid any appearance of discrimination.

SmartMove is our tenant screening solution. You gain access to:

  • National criminal reports
  • Leasing recommendations
  • Full credit report (optional)
  • National eviction reports

With no memberships required, the results are delivered online in minutes.

SmartMove by TransUnion Phone #: 1.866.775.0961

Great Reports
  • Credit reports direct from TransUnion
  • Superior coverage: 25M+ eviction records and 200M+ criminal records
  • More true hits, fewer false positives with enhanced recorded matching logic
  • One of the largest FCRS databases with coverage in all 50 states, DC & PR
  • Device-compatible report viewing
Great Convenience
  • Process is easy, online & mobile optimized
  • No membership requirements or physical inspections
  • Reports delievered in minutes
  • Pay-per-use with choice of landlord or renter pay
  • Quick account setup means landlord can begin screening instantly
Great Tenants
  • Score built for tenant use case and aligned to bad tenant outcomes
  • Combines high-end reports with easy process to inform decisions
  • Statisticians on staff to continue refining our scoring model
  • Custom leasing recommendation incorporates the landlord’s own criteria
  • Built-in applicant identity verification

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