Score Express

Score ExpressTM

The merge logic used to create a tri-merge credit report hides almost 2/3’s of the consumers credit data. This alone causes much confusion when comparing bureau scores and what is influencing each. Tiny changes that often cost the borrower nothing can create significant, positive moves in credit scores. The key to improving your applicant’s credit score begins with understanding the “why’s behind the score.”

What Score Express Has to Offer:

  • 20+ Point Average Credit Score Increase Within 72 hours (24 Hour Rush Service Available.)
  • Rescore Your Borrowers With or Without Documentation
  • Rescore any Borrower Without Having to Run a New Tri-Merge Credit Report
  • Inludes the CreditXpert® Suite of Score Analysis Tools
  • Senior Score Analysts Review Every Request and are Available to Assist With Any File

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