Deposit Verification


Quit The Paper Chase.

  • Provides instant digital statements from more than 15,000 financial institutions.
  • The only third party asset-verification approved and accepted by all GSEs including Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae.
  • FCRA/HUD approved and meets the CFPB & Dodd Frank Ability-to-Repay asset-verification standards.
  • Fully encrypted and SSAE 16 compliant.
  • Accessible from any smartphone or tablet, providing your borrowers a much easier, faster and more secure method for documenting deposit and asset information than producing paper statements for multiple accounts.

AccountChekTM automates the process of verifying a borrower’s financial resources and their ability to repay while eliminating the need for paper bank statements and/or VOD forms. This streamlined process provides instant results allowing lenders to reduce delays and simplify underwriting by providing a clearer picture of their borrower’s finances.

HOW IT WORKS  |  3 Easy Steps

Borrower receives a notification with their AccountChek login.

Borrower connects their financial institutions and authorizes all accounts.

Lender receives report on borrower’s assets.

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