The Best Technology Is Useless If You
Can't Depend On The People Behind The Scenes.

Founded in 1990, Credit Technologies serves more than 1600 leading mortgage lenders and brokers nationwide (20,000+ individual users). Our FCRA certified staff are among the most highly trained and skilled professionals in our industry. Our commitment to our clients is simple, we’ll help you close more loans and cut costs. Our clients succeed where others fail because they have access to training and support not available through any other credit reporting agency.

In 1992, Credit Technologies introduced a portfolio tracking and scoring program called CrediTrack®. Over the years, we’ve developed specific tools to help lenders monitor and optimize credit scores. The result of this research was the creation of Score Express in 1997, the very first credit re-scoring system. In 2005 we launched our online training program Mortgage AlchemyTM which provides each member of your staff the tools and education to create an “unfair advantage” in virtually every lending niche.

Today our solutions are available nationwide including the ability to update any trade-line within 24 hours (with or without documentation) and accurately forecast the resulting credit score change before the update takes place. Our technologies are built into most LOS systems including Point and Encompass and are integrated in virtually every lender automated underwriting system, working seamlessly with your current processing/underwriting.

Our education programs provide every loan originator a competitive advantage over every other broker or lender. You’ll generate more applications, closings and referrals and gain strategies to increase revenue per-loan. Talk, (and web site copy), is cheap. Join today and in about 5 business days you’ll see the difference we can make. Still not convinced? Simply call us at 800.445.4922 option 1. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have or schedule a live demonstration.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.
Thomas Conwell III
President and Founder — Credit Technologies, Inc.