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We Empower Lenders to Close More Loans, Cut Costs, and Gain Strategies to Increase Revenue Per Loan.

Who We Are

Founded in 1990, Credit Technologies serves leading mortgage lenders, brokers, and individual users nationwide

Our FCRA-certified staff are among the most highly trained and skilled professionals in the industry. Our commitment to our clients is simple, we’ll help you close more loans and cut costs. Our clients succeed where others can’t because they have access to specialized training and support not available through other reporting agencies.

Our Impact

Over the years, we’ve developed specific tools and conducted research to help lenders monitor and optimize credit scores

In 1992, Credit Technologies introduced a portfolio tracking and scoring program called CrediTrack®. Our research resulted in the creation of Score Express in 1997, the very first credit rescoring system. Our online training program launched in 2005 and provides our clients with the tools and education needed to create an advantage in virtually every lending niche.

We're Continuously Innovating

The Credit Technologies team promises to continuously innovate new products and services for our clients

BestQualify, designed in 2022, is a game-changer for lenders today. Not only does BestQualify eliminate your out-of-pocket credit report costs, but our referral engine also puts you and your loan originators in front of scores of prospective borrowers each month. To learn more about how BestQualify can impact your success and that of your borrowers, visit BestQualify.com.

Choose Credit Technologies

Make Credit Technologies Your NCRA

Our solutions are available nationwide including the ability to update any tradeline within 24 hours with or without documentation and accurately forecast the resulting credit score change before the update takes place. Our technologies are built into most LOS systems and are integrated into virtually every lender-automated underwriting system, working seamlessly with your current processing and underwriting.
When you choose Credit Technologies to be a part of your team, you’ll generate more applications, closings, and referrals and gain strategies to increase revenue per loan. Join today and in five business days we are confident you’ll see the difference. Still not convinced? Simply call us at 800.445.4922 option 1. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and schedule a live demo.
We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!
Thomas Conwell III
President and Founder — Credit Technologies, Inc.

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The best technology Is useless if you
can't depend on the people behind the scenes

The best technology is useless if you can't depend on the people behind the scenes

We’ll walk you through the process and determine the options that deliver maximum cost savings and lead generation opportunities.


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Credit Insight

Credit Insight

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