Credit Insight

The Secret to Closing More Loans.

Others talk about the ability to predict credit score changes, with Credit Technologies, you make those predictions reality. Our Credit InsightTM webinars provide an online, turn-key solution that results in more closed loans, and increased revenue per loan. Best of all, Credit Insight training is free and available exclusively to Credit Technologies members.

With Credit Technologies, you gain an advantage over every competing lender or broker, using any other credit reporting agency—guaranteed. You’ll learn how to better serve virtually every applicant.

Credit Insight Webinars

The Tools Needed to Close More Loans, Including:
  • Overcoming the 3:1 disadvantage—what you can’t see will hurt you. (This is probably the MOST misunderstood item in mortgage credit)
  • TriggerProof™—how to protect your applicants from trigger leads
  • FACTA and Red Flag Requirements—Are You Compliant?
  • CreditXpert® technologies including Credit Assure, Credit Wayfinder and What if Simulator
  • How 2 phone calls and 72 hours can turn a 700 credit score into 720
  • Missing Scores—the 30-second solution
  • Credit reporting, rescoring and ancillary service tools and techniques
  • LOS and GSE (FNMA DO/DU and FMAC) integration.

Mastery of credit reporting and rescoring can benefit in more ways than simply helping you create more revenue from your current loans. Credit Insight training provides a powerful marketing advantage when creating relationships with Realtors®, builders or virtually any referral source. It can also be an invaluable tool in creating new home-buyer programs and seminars.

Note: Access to the Credit Insight class is limited to current clients of Credit Technologies. If you’re not a Credit Technologies member and you want to sign up, click here—Join Now—we’ll help every loan originator create more applications, closings and referrals. For additional information on Credit Insight, or any Credit Technologies product or service, please call us toll-free at 800.445.4922. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.