Slash Pre-Qualification Costs by up to 90% with SoftQualify

Recent repository changes now allow mortgage lenders to use soft pre-qualification reports to pre-qualify prospective buyers in seconds. SoftQualify delivers significant cost savings versus traditional tri-merge reports. By reducing pre-qualification costs, we can now help mortgage professionals increase margins, streamline processes and attract more REALTOR®  relationships and referrals.

SoftQualify reports are available online 24/7, are simple to read and are virtually identical to traditional tri-merge credit reports. They include the exact same FICO score model that is used during the underwriting process.

SoftQualify Advantages

  • Provides a significant cost savings over a tri-merge report for pre-qualification purposes.
  • Does not impact consumer FICO scores.
  • Does not place a hard inquiry on the consumer’s credit report.
  • Does not activate competitor trigger leads.
  • Provides a cost-effective way to generate more REALTOR referrals.
  • The SoftQualify report is not an application and not subject to FACTA disclosures simplifying downstream compliance requirements.
  • Powerful tool for attracting first-time home buyers and those currently renting.


  • Pre-qualification use only—cannot be used for loan underwriting.
  • Requires a signed authorization or if handled via phone; a recorded script which must be preserved.
  • The consumer cannot be charged for the report, nor can the report be disclosed to the buyer.
  • Not eligible for CreditXpert analysis or Score Express rescoring.


We Are Here to Help

SoftQualify reports are a new option in mortgage lending. Questions? Just give us a call at 1.800.445.4922 or via email at SalesSupport@CreditTechnologies.com. We’ll walk you through the process and determine the options that deliver maximum cost savings and lead generation opportunities.

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