Trended Data

FNMA Trended Data Requirement

As of September 24, 2016, Fannie Mae’s underwriting process requires Trended Data. Trended data is a detailed record of a consumer’s credit history. It includes the historical payment amount for each month going back 24 on all revolving accounts.

Initially, only TransUnion’s CreditVision and Equifax’s Dimensions trended data sets will be required. Experian’s trended credit data is currently not required, but could be at a later date. While the inclusion of Trended Data will effect FNMA underwriting; at present credit scores currently offered by FICO® and VantageScore do not consider trended credit data. A a result, Trended Data will NOT impact consumer credit scores.

Trended Data is automatically included on all credit reports produced by Credit Technologies, Inc., including those processed through the Mortgage Preflight system.

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