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CreditXpert® credit scoring analysis which allows you to instantly determine the steps to potentially improve a consumer’s credit scores.

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In seconds CreditXpert® will tell you what the credit score change might be before actually updating the credit report

The CreditXpert® score is designed to reflect common industry practices and works independently of other scoring models. With CreditXpert®, brokers can show their consumers their credit potential and how to qualify for better loan rates and consumers can understand how lenders perceive them as a credit risk.

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CreditXpert® Suite helps you narrow down decisions on what steps an applicant should or should not take during and after a loan application


We Have The Answers. Give Us a Call.


We Have The Answers. Give Us a Call.

CreditXpert® Suite Includes:

A report that shows consumers how they can improve their credit scores. For example: Paying off a balance. It only recommends actions that can produce a significant score increase (3 points or more). This product automatically calculates the best possible score improvement scenario from an entered disposable cash value or desired score increase. It also provides a detailed analysis of a consumer’s credit history, including negative and positive scoring factors.
Allows customers to look before they leap and decide which product to use while keeping customers ‘in the loop’. They are automatically linked the CreditXpert® products that can help them. For you, Credit Assure retains credit report pricing margins, winning you new business with better margins while improving the customer experience.
An advanced tool that only experienced financial professionals should use. It simulates the impact of various actions on a consumer’s credit score, enabling experimentation with actions like paying off a balance, closing accounts, missing payments, or updating information. It also can view their potential effects before actually taking the steps that will impact their credit standing. Users can experiment with countless scenarios and view potential effects to determine the best possible option for re-scoring (supplemental work) or determine if work done on the current file would be worth the cost.

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The best technology Is useless if you
can't depend on the people behind the scenes

The best technology is useless if you can't depend on the people behind the scenes

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