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Loan Quality Monitoring (LQM)

Loan Quality Monitoring™ (LQM) is suite of credit monitoring products. LQM affords you the peace of mind of knowing when changes in borrower credit profiles pose a risk to loan salability or performance.

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Designed to help you minimize the risk of last-minute loan fallout and costly loan buybacks and penalties

Undisclosed debt is one of the leading causes of investor repurchase requests – Especially nowsince both GSE’s electronically validate 100 percent of loans purchased, performing reviews within 120 days. FNMA LQI and FMAC RLG require lenders to verify whether borrowers have incurred new debt or liabilities from the initial application through loan closing. For borrowers that have incurred new obligations beyond the 3% DTI tolerance, lenders are required to re-underwrite these loan applications to ensure eligibility.

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Borrower credit files are monitored 24/7, notifying you daily when an applicant experiences...


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We Have The Answers. Give Us a Call.

The GSEs and “Refresh” Reports

Neither Fannie Mae nor Freddie Mac require lenders to re-pull credit prior to closing (as clarified in the August 2010 FNMA Selling Guide announcement “SEL-2010-11”) Rather, Loan Quality Initiative guidelines call for…
“Lenders to have processes in place to facilitate borrower disclosure of changes in financial circumstances throughout the origination process.”
While many lenders utilize “refresh” reports immediately prior to close, this process discloses new debt or derogatory credit at the eleventh hour; posing great risk of delay in closing and reputational risk when an applicant no longer qualifies based upon new information.

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The best technology Is useless if you
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The best technology is useless if you can't depend on the people behind the scenes

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