Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

Credit Technologies provides online access to the AVM reports used by top mortgage lenders, appraisers, Realtors® and attorneys nationwide including Freddie Mac’s Home Value Estimator (HVE), First American CoreLogic HPA, PASS® and Fiserv, Inc.’s Case Shiller Weiss CASA AVMs—all delivered in seconds at a fraction of the cost of a traditional appraisal.

The implementation of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) restricting broker access to appraisers and comp checks makes having access to quality AVM data critical for all originators.

You can configure your request to “cascade” through all available AVM models and in the rare instance that insufficient data exists on the subject property for the creation of an AVM, there is no charge. Ordering is easy—first, if you’re not already a member—Set Up Your Free Account. Once your account is established, (about 24 hours), you’ll be able to obtain your AVM reports online in seconds.

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Freddie Mac's Home Value Explorer®

Home Value Explorer® (HVE) is an AVM that generates a property estimate within seconds. HVE streamlines the collateral valuation process and saves lenders and consumers hundreds of dollars on every transaction. HVE has extensive coverage and is one of the most precise AVMs available. In nationwide tests conducted by large wholesale lenders, HVE consistently performs at the top in the areas of coverage, accuracy, and reliability.

HVE actually encompasses several models rolled into a single product, for one low cost. When you use HVE you benefit from Freddie Mac’s unique proprietary algorithm that blends multiple model estimates returned by the repeat sales model and the hedonic model. Home Value Explorer® (HVE) is a Freddie Mac Automated Valuation Model (AVM) tool that simplifies the mortgage process by streamlining the collateral valuation cycle. For over 15 years, Freddie Mac has effectively employed AVMs internally for its own risk and portfolio management. AVMs have become an integral part of today’s mortgage market and AVM technology has advanced the world of automated valuation services from novelty to necessity.


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Home Price Analyzer® (HPA)

HPA® is a hybrid automated valuation model (AVM) known throughout the industry for generating immediate and reliable residential property valuations with superior coverage. HPA searches from over 200 million historical residential sales records using three independent methods: Hedonic, Location Based, and Index Based.

  • HPA® Provides Advanced Business Intelligence
  • Full address details and property type
  • Current property value and distressed property value
  • Most recent purchase data, including purchase date and price, owner name, original loan amount and original lender name
  • Refinance and second loan amounts, dates and lender names
  • Prior sales date, sale price and owner Confidence score and valuations graph
  • Year built, APN and square footage Information on at least three proximal properties within the immediate vicinity
  • County median sale price area price trends View a Sample CoreLogic HPA Report


Provides current market value estimations in online, real-time fashion for residential properties. These valuations are suitable for use in a variety of contexts from loan origination to secondary marketing and loan servicing.

PASS® combines two independent valuation systems coupled with continuous blind testing to deliver greater accuracy and hit rate. The result is an AVM that outperforms traditional single source models. Paired with the largest online property and ownership database in the nation, PASS® uses a hedonic model that incorporates property characteristics that are combined with appraisal logic and price-time indexing to arrive at an accurate and reliable property valuation.

The Most Current and Accurate Real Estate Information First American CoreLogic updates its database daily with the latest property sales and financing transactions, tax ownership, assessment rolls and property characteristic data. Get current sales comparable listings and access the latest tax assessment information on residential and non-residential properties across the U.S. Rigorous Due Diligence Based upon hundreds of thousands of observations of continuous blind testing, PASS® incorporates a highly accurate neural scoring system that adapts to changing market conditions. Superior Coverage PASS® coverage includes over 970 counties. Our nationwide coverage extends to more than 97% of all U.S. transactions.

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