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Credit Technologies Pioneered Credit Re-Scoring – In 1992, Credit Technologies launched a portfolio tracking and enhancement program called CrediTrack®. Over the years, we’ve developed specific tools to help lenders monitor and optimize credit scores. The result of this research was the launch of Score ExpressTM in 1997, the first credit re-scoring program. Score ExpressTM technology is built into every credit reporting service we offer. We have helped lenders close thousands of loans that their competitors could not.

We’ll Help You Be More Successful – Close more loans, in less time — our mission is the same as yours. Credit Technologies works with you through each step of origination, processing and closing. Our technologies aren’t just for non-conforming borrowers; we are as effective on borrowers with 690 credit scores needing 720, as those with 590 needing 620. The average credit score improvement is 30 points.

The Credit Technologies Difference – Our credit reports and online systems are Credit Score Driven — designed for the way you use the data. In seconds, you can determine why there is a significant difference in the credit scores and how to drive the mid score higher.

We Can Make a Difference On Every Loan – Tiny changes that often cost the borrower nothing can cause significant, positive moves in credit scores. Our staff understands mortgage lending and credit scoring. We focus on how to make you more successful.

The Solutions You Need Are a Phone Call Away.

Instant access to the most highly skilled credit and scoring experts in the industry. We work with our clients on every loan, making sure each credit report and score are optimized and, the credit scoring analysis is Free.

Credit Technologies Handles All Your Credit Reporting & Re-Scoring Needs:

  • 1, 2, or 3 Bureau Merged Infiles
    Credit scores, Score ExpressTM re-scoring, CreditXpert, fraud detection and OFAC compliance
  • Merge Plus Reports
    Trade line updates and supplements, most completed within hours or your request.
  • RMCRs Available in 24 hours
    Employment and rent verifications, includes all trade line updates
  • Business Credit Reports
    Public records, reported accounts and manual verifications
  • Non-Traditional Credit Reports
    FNMA, FMAC and FHA approved for consumers with little or no credit history
  • International Credit Reports
    Canadian reports in minutes, Europe, the mid and far East in days.

The next time you encounter a credit-score challenged borrower, simply contact us. We’ll work through the file with you at no cost to determine the best course of action that will result in a closed loan and satisfied client.

For more information on how Credit Technologies can help you close more loans, call us toll free at 800.445.4922, Option 1 — we look forward to helping you close more loans.

Credit Technologies utilizes the latest technology to provide your choice of infiles and tri merge reports in seconds, delivered right to your browser without any software to install or learn. Each credit report is easy to read, fully merged, de-duped and can be customized to your desired layout. All reports are available in both web style (view sample web report) and PDF output formats (view sample PDF report). You can select from any or all of the three national repositories, (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax), with FICO® credit scores. All reports can be analyzed through our built in CreditXpert tools. Order a single infile to prequal your borrower then in seconds add the additional bureaus to create a trimerge report.

Easy to Read Credit Reports, Designed to Maximize Re-scoring Opportunities – Customized credit report layouts allow you to view the credit data any format you prefer. All creditor addresses and phone numbers are included at no cost. Our proprietary systems give you a competitive advantage on every application.

Easy LOS/AUS Integration – No more manually entering of data, with Credit Technologies you can easily order credit through your LOS system. Pull credit from anywhere you have access to the Internet and easily import your credit report and liabilities. There’s no software to install or learn. If you can surf the net, you can order your credit reports in seconds.

Update Any Trade Line With a Click of Your Mouse – Trade line updates can be ordered by simply clicking on any trade line while viewing the report online, or if you prefer — you can always call us toll-free, or fax across any documentation. The status of all requests is updated in real-time.

Customized Billing Options – Powerful administrative features give you complete control over users and in determining how your account billing is handled, Credit Technologies accepts borrower credit card payments for credit reports or use a corporate credit card, or cards for individual loan officers.

Instant Mortgage Only Report – One click and you’ve got a report containing only your credit score and the mortgage reference, great for streamline refi’s — best of all it’s free.

Credit Reports Are Interactive – You can quickly view the data behind each trade line to see exactly what appears on each repository. This is critical when dealing with errors on a file and for determining the best credit rescoring options.

Unmerge Technology – Add or Remove any borrower, spouse or specific bureau with a single mouse click at no cost. No need to re-run the whole file just to add or drop an applicant or spouse.

Free Single Bureau Reports – Single bureau credit reports are free when upgraded to any tri-merge credit report.

All products and services are backed by our highly trained and certified support staff — within seconds of your call, we will have your report “on screen” and be able to answer any questions you or your client may have. Join Today, or call us toll-free at 800.445.4922. We’ll work hard to help you close more loans.

It’s easy to obtain free copies of each your credit reports (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax). These consumer versions of your credit report (consumer disclosures) include data that is not provided on any other type of credit report, including those obtained for mortgage purposes. Here are three methods to obtain your credit reports at absolutely no cost:

Once you receive your credit reports, review each to see if any errors exist. If errors are found—follow the dispute process identified on each credit report (this can be done online, or by mail). Federal law (FCRA) requires most disputes be completed within 30 days. At the time this was written, we’re seeing most disputes completed within about 2 weeks. Note: Credit reports obtained through the above method do NOT include your FICO® scores.

Shopping for a home or mortgage and need access to your FICO® scores?

Mortgage Preflight® provides you access to your actual FICO® scores in just minutes. All three of your FICO® scores (the exact scores used by mortgage lenders), critical insight into your credit report and opportunities to quickly improve your credit scores are available through Mortgage Preflight® enabled REALTORS® and Lenders nationwide. For more information, please visit MortgagePreflight.com.

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