FACTA Red Flag Deadline Looms

FACTA Red Flag Made Easy

Red Flag requirements take effect August 1, 2009 requiring more than 2,000,000 entities – virtually all types of lender including banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers and lenders, auto/motorcycle dealers, utility companies and cell phone providers take significant steps to detect and prevent identity theft.

 Credit Technologies provides a simple, free way for mortgage professionals to learn how to comply with FACTA section 114 (commonly referred to as the “Red Flag” rules.) EasyRedFlag is a fully interactive webinar-style training course designed to dramatically simplify FACTA Red Flag compliance – and is provided free of charge to all mortgage professionals. This interactive online course teaches you how to comply with FACTA Red Flag including:

  • Covered accounts – How to develop the required detection, response and mitigation methods
  • Required procedural and training documents – Implementing the annual update requirements
  • Simple, free online solutions and templates to create the needed documents and processes
  • State and Federal enforcement and penalties for non-compliance

“Every mortgage professional should attend this webinar to understand the requirements, and a simple way to comply – all provided by Credit Technologies absolutely free of charge.”

The EasyRedFlag Webinars run about 45 minutes with lots of Q&A time at the conclusion to address your specific questions and concerns. Register for an upcoming webinar at   

For more information on Red Flag compliance, or any mortgage credit, FICO scoring or other mortgage related information, please visit www.CreditTechnologies.com

Thomas Conwell

President and founder, Credit Technologies, Inc. Past President/Director National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA.)