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Gain an Instant Competitive Advantage & Close More Loans

Rapid GSE changes including tighter guidelines and ever increasing regulatory requirements make it critical that you attract and close every loan possible. This includes recognizing every opportunity to best-qualify applicants. With Credit Technologies, you gain an almost-instant advantage over competing lenders using any other credit reporting agency.

  • 20+ Point Average Credit Score Increase Within 72 hours (24 Hour Rush Service Available.)

  • Rescore Your Borrowers With or Without Documentation

  • Rescore any Borrower Without Having to Run a New Tri-Merge Credit Report

  • CreditXpert Suite of Score Analysis Tools

  • Senior Score Analysts Review Every Request and are Available to Assist With Any File

  • Mortgage Alchemy™ - We'll Make Every Originator More Successful in Less Than  2 hours

The key to improving your applicant's credit score begins with understanding "why they have the score they have." It's difficult to provide an accurate rescoring solution based on reviewing a trimerge report as you can see only one third of the applicant's credit data. Because of the merge logic used in creating any trimerge credit report, most (two thirds) of the consumer's credit data is hidden. This is why you can review a file that has a significant difference in scores between the three repositories and be unable to determine "why" the scores are different. This is also the reason so many rescoring attempts end in failure.


With Credit Technologies, the answer is a click of your mouse and it's FREE. You're able to see "The Data Behind the Score™" and in seconds know the exact steps needed to drive your applicant's credit score higher. Confused about how hidden data is impacting every one of your applicants? Call us at 800.445.4922, we'll walk you through it and show you how you can instantly benefit most every borrower.


700 Credit Score + 2 Phone Calls + 72 Hours = 720 credit score


Tiny changes that often cost the borrower nothing can create significant, positive moves in credit scores.  Our systems and training is Credit Scoring Driven - designed for the way you use the data. In seconds you'll know the exact steps required to drive your borrowers score higher.


Credit Technologies provides a turn-key solution to help you close more loans, and maximize the revenue generated from each loan. Join now, or call us today at 800.445.4922. We'll be happy to answer all your questions and demonstrate how you can generate more applications, closings and earn more per loan in as little as 4 days.


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Consumer Solutions
Please note - all three repositories prohibit the charging of a consumer directly, or indirectly for rescoring services. Our services are available exclusively through our network of licensed mortgage brokers and lenders. To locate a mortgage professional that can provide you with access to Credit Technologies rescoring services, please visit our Consumer Rescoring Section.


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