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“Our commitment is to deliver a competitive advantage.”
Thomas Conwell, Founder and CEO

More Referrals, More Loans and Reduced Credit Reporting Costs
  • Cut your credit reporting costs by 30% (often more)
  • Deliver improved FICO scores in as little as 48 hours
  • Provide better rate/terms, higher LTV ratios while reducing PMI/MI costs
  • Streamline processes and cut costs by bundling your Credit, Tax, AVM and Flood services

Don't take our word for it - See what Credit Technologies clients say...

Credit Radar®  Gain a "crystal ball" into your applicants credit and score trends. Credit Radar delivers a built-in competitive advantage and includes FNMA LQI stress-testing to alert you to potential risks at the time of application...learn more

Comply+ is a turn-key compliance solution for FCRA/FACTA (Red Flag), BSA Anti-Money Laundering (AML), OFAC and FNMA’s Loan Quality Initiative (LQI) guidelines...learn more

More than credit reporting, rapid rescoring, and the suite of CreditXpert tools, our clients benefit from best-in-class training and support all guaranteed to result in more closed loans. You'll be able to better serve virtually every applicant - regardless of the niche.

Want to see for yourself? - Click here to attend a live demonstration.

Small changes that often cost the borrower nothing can create dramatic increases in credit scores and increased revenue per loan. Our Mortgage Alchemy online training enables every originator to close an average of 10% more loans every month. See this advantage from a mortgage applicants perspective.

Join now and in about 5 days, you and your originators will have the resources to close more loans. For more information call 800.445.4922, Option 1 and we'll send you a customized report based on your operation that details your instant cost savings, and additional revenue per month - often many thousands of dollars. 

 Start Closing More Loans - Join Today

Questions? - just give us a call at 800.445.4922 option 1. Within minutes of talking with one of our business analysts, you'll understand what sets Credit Technologies apart from every other credit reporting agency.

Red Flag Requirements  – Are You Compliant?
Credit Technologies provides a turn key, online solution to Red Flag compliance. Seamlessly integrated with our credit reporting and fraud detection products, you'll be able to create and deploy your Red Flag compliance program in as little as a few days. Learn more...

Shopping for a mortgage? Our services are available exclusively through our national network of certified mortgage professionals. To locate a mortgage professional able to provide you the best options available, visit our consumer rescoring section. Each month, thousands of consumers shopping for a mortgage or refinance visit We refer these applicants to our lender and broker clients nationwide at no cost... learn more

Warning - Engaging in credit repair could be endangering your livelihood...Read More  

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