ProLender Solutions Announces Credit Technologies Integration

San Diego, CA, January, 2013

ProLender Solutions, Inc., a provider of innovative paperless mortgage lending software, released its new interface with credit reporting agency Credit Technologies, Inc. The integration allows ProLender clients to expedite the process of requesting and receiving credit reports by using borrower data already in the ProLender system.

“We’re excited to be working with ProLender Solutions,”  said Thomas Conwell III, President at Credit Technologies, Inc. “This integration dramatically simplifies access to Credit Technologies services within ProLender including credit reporting, rescoring and our new Mortgage PreFlight prequalification and referral system.”


The ProLender-Credit Technologies interface provides staff members with the ability to not only request new credit reports, but also reissue and updated existing reports from within the ProLender system. Additionally, the liabilities and former addresses are automatically imported into ProLender from the Credit Technologies report. This eliminates data entry and prevents user input errors.

a best-of-breed software approach,” said Kevin Roczey, President at ProLender Solutions, Inc. “Our clients like to know they can choose vendors that provide the best price/service, and know the ProLender system will support the vendor relationship.”“This integration gives our clients the ability to further streamline their operations while maintaining

Using a credit interface within the ProLender system offers additional benefits. The ProLender Administrator determines which staff members have security rights to the credit interface. Therefore, only staff members who are authorized my management to pull a credit report will have access. Plus, the system logs the staff member who requests the report giving management control to monitor the request of credit reports.

About Credit Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 1990, Credit Technologies serves more than 1600 leading mortgage lenders and brokers nationwide. The combination of highly trained and FCRA certified staff and innovative programs such as Mortgage PreFlight and Vision pre-qualification systems help clients close more loans while dramatically reducing overall costs. Credit Technologies solutions are available nationwide including the ability to complete credit rescoring within 24 hours (with or without documentation) and accurately forecast the resulting credit score change before the update takes place. Credit Technologies systems are integrated in virtually every lender automated underwriting system, working seamlessly with current processing and underwriting. To learn more about Credit Technologies including how to generate more applications, closings and referrals and increase revenue per-loan call 800.445.4922 option 1 or via email at

About ProLender Solutions, Inc.
Founded in 2002 by seasoned mortgage software veterans, ProLender Solutions, Inc. develops comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, paperless lending software designed to automate back-office processes for mortgage lenders. The system integrates the ProLender® loan management software, ImageCenter™ document management and the WebLender™ web portal. The ProLender system integrates with many top vendors for loan origination, compliance, credit, closing docs, mortgage registration, warehouse banks and much more. This allows users to work from one corporate lending platform; thus streamlining the back-office process and eliminating the potential for costly mistakes. For more information, visit, call 858.974.4888 or email Alyssa Burley at

Thomas Conwell

President and founder, Credit Technologies, Inc. Past President/Director National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA.)