Preflight for REALTORS®

Sell More Homes.

Preflight is a free lead generation and prequalification tool that attracts and prequalifies buyers on your website. Create and capture new leads in real time and provide your buyer’s instant access to their Preflight report, a summary of their mortgage credit including the actual FICO® scores used in the mortgage lending process (a Preflight exclusive). With Preflight, we can jump-start the mortgage process and speed the path to the closing table.

More Buyers & Listings

Preflight instantly creates a free online marketing presence with powerful lead generation tools. You capture home shoppers, renters and builders while capitalizing on FSBO listings and buyers — without ever asking for a listing. Preflight will help you attract new buyers and sellers from every email, web and social media post, placing your name and contact information in front of thousands of potential buyers and referral sources.

Know Before You Show

Before investing your time and energy showing properties, we’ll prequalify every potential buyer up-front from virtually anywhere, on any online device. In minutes your buyers receive their FICO® scores and critical insight into their credit report, including opportunities to improve their scores. At the same moment, your lender receives all the credit data needed to price and approve your buyer’s loan.

Protect Yourself

The job of a REALTOR® can be dangerous — with Preflight you gain critical safety and security enhancements. Preflight authenticates each prospect before you allow access to vehicles or arrange private meetings at unoccupied properties.


Mortgage Preflight saved me $414 in one week’s time! My customers are going to Preflight now and pulling their credit and paying for it themselves. You just gave me an estimated $2,000 a month raise by eliminating my credit bill.

Thank you!

John B., Mortgage Lender

This Changes Everything.

We've Updated Powerful New Features to the Preflight Platform.
Customize marketing campaigns using referral codes to waive buyer costs.
Invite buyers and add agents with just a few mouse clicks.
Powerful security and compliance tools help us automate compliance with new and complex regulations including Dodd-Frank/TRID, RESPA and FCRA/FACTA.
Easily monitor buyer and agent activity.
Preflight is turn-key. Your free custom Preflight webpage is created automatically in just minutes — no IT skills needed.

Getting Started is Fast, Easy & Free.