Preflight for Lenders

Capture Leads in Real Time.

Eliminate Credit Report Cost & Enhance Compliance.

Mortgage Preflight® is a free lead generation and pre-qualification tool that delivers new REALTOR®, Builder and FSBO relationships, referrals and loans. Prospects are delivered to your Preflight-enabled website where they can obtain all three FICO® scores and their Preflight Report; a customized mortgage checklist specifically designed to jump-start the mortgage process. You and your referral partners receive instant Preflight lead alerts and the full tri-merge credit report can be imported directly into your LOS, all within seconds and all paid for by the applicant.

Any Device, Any Network, Anytime.

Finally, a mobile lead and pre-qualification solution. Preflight jump-starts the lending process from virtually everywhere.

Best-Practice Compliance

Preflight automates the authentication process and obtains written consumer authorization before each credit inquiry. FCRA/FACTA Red Flag identity theft and AML detection compliance are included in each Preflight transaction. Automated Adverse Action Notices (A3N) and a built-in disclosure engine further simplify compliance requirements.

More Loans, Lower Costs

Preflight acts as a force-multiplier, increasing the impact and performance of existing advertising and social media exposure. You gain a competitive advantage resulting in more REALTOR® referrals and more closed loans.

REALTORS® Love Preflight

Know Before You Show

Instantly determine buyer qualifications before investing time and expense showing homes.

Enhanced Safety

Authenticate each prospect for increased personal safety and peace-of-mind.

24/7 Lead Capture

Attract buyers from virtually any website, social media, email and print marketing material.

Co-Branded Marketing

A customized web presence for each of your referral sources. Preflight simultaneously promotes you and your referral partners.


Mortgage Preflight saved me $414 in one week’s time! My customers are going to Preflight now and pulling their credit and paying for it themselves. You just gave me an estimated $2,000 a month raise by eliminating my credit bill.

Thank you!

John B., Mortgage Lender

This Changes Everything.

We've Updated Powerful New Features to the Preflight Platform.
Customize marketing campaigns with referral codes, waiving all Borrower costs.
Easily manage users and monitor REALTOR® partners & referrals.
NMLS licensing database & customized disclosure engine simplifies and improves compliance.
Add new REALTOR®, builder, and FSBO partners with just a few mouse clicks.
Automatically create your customized page including co-branded referral pages for your REALTOR® partners.

Getting  Started is Fast, Easy & Free.