New IRS 4506T Address Verification Requirements

Credit Technologies has been advised that effective immediately, the IRS has begun verifying the address(s) provided on all 4506T requests.  Requests that do not contain  an address that matches the current address on file with the IRS will be rejected and are subject to the standard fee. This places additional importance on the applicant including (as either the current or previous address,) the address believed to be on file with the IRS. To clarify, the logic used by the IRS is as follows,

One of the addresses provided on the 4506T form must match IRS records (typically the address used on the last filed Federal Tax Return.) If neither supplied address is matched, the request will be rejected.

Should a consumer need to update an address, IRS FORM 8822 should be completed and transmitted to the IRS 4-6 weeks prior to any request for tax documents.

We have also been advised that these additional requirements will result in delays on the part of the IRS in processing. Initial impact seems to be about an additional 24 hour delay in receiving tax transcript requests.

For additional information on IRS4506 tax transcript services, please call 800.445.4922 Option 1.

Thomas Conwell

President and founder, Credit Technologies, Inc. Past President/Director National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA.)