Preflight Lender

Mortgage Preflight for Lenders

For almost 30 years, we’ve helped lenders nationwide close millions of home loans.
Now we’ve got a way to help you reduce credit reporting costs and gain new REALTOR® partners and new-purchase referrals….All at NO cost.

Introducing Mortgage Preflight®

Preflight is a new lead generation and credit reporting platform that allows you to BestQualify™ buyers and close more loans while saving you thousands on credit reporting costs.

  • Instantly provide your buyers their credit summary, all three FICO® scores and showcase opportunities to improve their scores – All 24/7 from any Internet connected device.
  • Virtually every REALTOR that you invite (via simple email) will refer buyers to you via Preflight.
  • Stop buying leads! Preflight is available at no cost to you or your referral partners (REALTORS, Builders, FSBO…)
  • No programming or hosting required – Preflight is completely turn-key.
  • More closed loans, lower costs, improved compliance

Getting Started is Fast, Easy and Free

Give us a call now at 800.445.4922, Option 1 or simply complete the form to the right.  We’re excited to show you how we can revolutionize the way you attract and BestQualify™ new buyers.

Gain more REALTOR referrals and new purchase loans while SLASHING credit reporting costs.

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