Government Shutdown to Impact 4506T Tax Transcripts

Should the Federal Government shut down as threatened at Midnight on Friday April 8, 2011, 4506T Tax Transcript services will be immediately unavailable.

The IRS IVES division (responsible for processing all tax transcript requests) is deemed non-essential workers and will be furloughed as a result of any government shutdown.

The IRS requires all requests to be issued via facsimile (signed copy of the 4506T form.) Unbelievably, the IRS is still equipped with paper based fax machines. These machines will quickly empty their paper supplies with no one available to refill them. Although it is expected they have some on-board memory, it will quickly be exhausted and we will no longer be able to transmit transcript requests.

Once the IRS is no longer able to receive orders, we will process and stage all requests received and wait for the IRS to return to work at which point all orders will be submitted in the order received.

We have no way of knowing how much of a delay will be encountered upon resumption of service. Once completed by the IRS, our systems will  forward the completed transcripts approximately 3 minutes thereafter.

Hopefully the budget impasse will be resolved and any interruption in service avoided. We will keep you apprised of further developments.

Thank you for choosing Credit Technologies.

Thomas Conwell

President and founder, Credit Technologies, Inc. Past President/Director National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA.)