Credit Simulator

Credit What-If Simulator

See how changes affect your borrower’s score in real-time. The CreditXpert® “What if Simulator” can predict the result of most any change to the credit score before recommending the borrower take any action. You’ll know the results before any rescoring is done.

  • Add or delete tradelines from the file including determining future score values
  • Reduce balances on revolving accounts
  • Increase revolving credit card credit limit to improve ratios
  • Change or delete delinquencies
  • Transfer revolving balances
  • Change the status of any tradeline (i.e. from collection to bankruptcy)
  • Pay off accounts

Each of these actions impacts the score, but the amount depends on the dynamics of each individual file. CreditXpert® provides an instant prediction of the changes to each repository (Experian®, Trans Union® and Equifax®). With CreditXpert®, you’ll know in seconds the results of any proposed change before making it.

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