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Are trigger leads an invasion of privacy?

We think so.

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The Detrimental Impact of Trigger Leads

Mortgage trigger leads are generated by the national credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) when a mortgage inquiry is made into a consumer’s credit report. They then sell that borrower’s information (without the consumer’s permission) to untold numbers of competing lenders as mortgage leads. This results in borrowers being inundated with unsolicited phone calls, direct mail, and other forms of invasive pursuits. Even worse, consumers will often blame their chosen mortgage professional for leaking their private information to other lenders.

Credit Technologies does not, nor have we ever participated in the sale of trigger leads.

We’ve spent decades developing programs to protect consumers from these abusive practices.

Protection from Unwanted Solicitations

Protect your prospects and applicants from the onslaught of competitors buying their personal information. TriggerProof provides the resources to prevent the loss of a client through trigger leads, including a simple method to benefit from the abusive actions of your competitors.

Opting out alone isn’t enough – borrowers can opt out of trigger leads but the lead time and delays usually render the option ineffective. The truth is, even after opting out, borrowers often still receive multiple calls from competing lenders.

BestQualify™ now includes SoftQualify+ data

Your prospects and applicants can now pay for and access their soft tri-merge credit report without activating trigger leads. The SQ+ reports are FNMA DU Early Assessment eligible and are available directly from your LOS. Best of all, the report costs a fraction of a hard pull report.

Prequalify prospects and borrowers at no cost to you and without activating trigger leads by adding SoftQualify+ to your existing account,

  • Protect your prospects and applicants from abusive trigger leads
  • Dramatically reduce costs with BestQualify using SoftQualify+ data
  • FICO credit scores are not impacted
  • Obtain employment and income verifications as well as all ancillary services
  • Free file reviews and a full suite of rescoring tools

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