The Mortgage Credit Arsenal™ is designed exclusively for mortgage professionals. If you're searching for information regarding your personal credit score and how to obtain the best mortgage, please visit our consumer rescoring section..

Originating Mortgage Loans Seems More Like a Battle Than a Career.
On every front you face challenges never before encountered. Competition from online lenders and boiler room operations drive revenues down while RESPA reforms threaten the very existence of mortgage brokers. At every turn there is a new battle to be fought and won. Credit Technologies developed the Mortgage Credit Arsenal to arm you with the latest intel and origination weapons to fight and win your daily competitive battles.

The Mortgage Credit Arsenal delivers insight and expertise on a range of tactics and strategies that will help you generate more applications, closings, and referrals - even strategies to help you maximize per-loan revenues including,

  • Credit reporting & rescoring tools, and training to maximize your results
  • FICO Scoring Secrets for every lending niche from sub-prime to super-jumbo.
  • Q & A  - Answers to your credit and scoring questions
  • Legislative updates including OFAC, FACTA, RESPA...
  • Trends in mortgage technology--What works, and what doesn't


The Arsenal is provided free of charge to qualified readers. You may cancel at any time and you have our commitment that we will NEVER sell your email address or information to any third party.  Credit Technologies clients also have access to our proprietary Mortgage Alchemy training program which provides a turn-key advantage over virtually any competing broker or lender. 

Our services are available exclusively through our national network of certified mortgage professionals. If you are in the process of choosing a mortgage lender, or need help with a current mortgage application - please visit our consumer rescoring section.

For more information on the Arsenal, or any Credit Technologies product or service, please contact us toll-free at 800.445.4922.

Thank you for considering Credit Technologies.

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